Motobilt TJ aluminum fuel cell

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The Motobilt Jeep TJ/LJ fuel cell was designed to mount in the bed of your Jeep TJ or LJ.  It will use your factory Jeep TJ or LJ fuel pump and is made out of 1/8" aluminum that is TIG welded.


Motobilt offers a solution for relocating the fuel tank in your Jeep TJ.    The Motobilt MB5005-TJ  was designed to use the stock Jeep TJ fuel pump and designed to fit in the back bed of your Jeep.  It is 30"x12"x9" and can fit behind your seat if you choose too. The tank has a capacity of roughly 15 US gallons. 


The Motobilt fuel tank is CNC cut from 1/8" 5052 aluminum and formed on a press brake, is TIG welded for ultimate strength and includes a large D-ring style cap.  This can be converted to remote fill by purchasing a different filler neck system.


The Motobilt MB3000 fuel cell mount will fit this tank perfectly. The kit consists of three parts: the main under tank plate and two clamp bodies. The under tank plate is CNC Laser Cut from 1/8" high strength steel plate. You can weld your own mounting brackets to the bottom if needed or utilize the 8 bolt holes already in the mount. The 2 clamp down bodies capture the top and all four sides of the tank and bolt securely to the mounting base. These parts are CNC Laser Cut but from 18 gauge steel. The parts are formed on a hydraulic press break.  This mount will ensure your fuel cell is mounted securely.


Just use the drop down menu to add the mount to your order.


The Motobilt tank features one #6 -AN fitting on top of the tank which is tig welded into place.  The fitting is for a vent line with an included roll over valve pre-installed inside the tank.


The MB5005-TJ Fuel Cell already has the provisions for the clamping ring cnc cut into the tank.  This means the clamping ring and pump will bolt in with no cutting or drilling necessary! 

You must purchase the Clamping ring if you have not already done so previously.   For more information on the ring click HERE!


Use the drop down menu if you would like to add the MB5007 Fuel Pump clamping ring.

Once the ring is installed, we recommend using Permatex 80016 Form-A-Gasket #2 Sealant to seal the contact surfaces. This is a sealant we have used in the shop numerous times over the years for sealing filler caps on fuel cells. It can be sourced on the web or at your local parts store.


This fuel cell is used for applications where you are extending the wheel base and the rear axle would contact the factory fuel tank.  It would also be used in situations where more ground clearance is needed.  This kit works perfectly with the Motobilt Jeep TJ Back Half kit or Motobilt Jeep LJ back half kit, where the frame rails are moved up and in for ultimate clearace.

This Fuel Cell DOES NOT mount in between the frame rails.  It will only mount inside the bed of the Jeep.