7/8" Heim Steering Kit

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7/8" Heim Steering Kit

This is your not so basic steering setup that uses 7/8" heims with easier adjustment & much stronger tubing. The kit can be used with stock steering position on the knuckle or High Steer arms. The arms or knuckles would need a 3/4" bore.

The adjustment is easier because we add Hex Head weld bungs so a cresent wrench is your adjustment tool, not a pipe wrench which will scar the tube and if too deep cause a major stress riser. Not to mention what it does to the paint...

These are stronger than stock because we use 1.5" X .25" Wall DOM tubing and 7/8" Ruffstuff Heat & Cryo Treated Chromoly heim joints.

You will receive:

2 - 60" of 1.5" X .25" wall DOM tubing
4 - 7/8" Hex Head Weld Bungs, 2 LH & 2 RH, 14TPI for Heim Joints
4 - 7/8" Jam Nuts, 2 LH & 2 RH, 14TPI for Heim Joints
2 - 7/8" X 7/8" RS H&C Chromoly Heims, 1 LH & 1 RH
2 - 7/8" X 3/4" RS H&C Chromoly Heims, 1 LH & 1 RH
2 - 7/8" X 3/4" RS Stainless Safety Misalignment
2 - 7/8" X 3/4" RS Stainless High Misalignment
2 - 3/4" bore Safety Washers

One of the unique things about this setup is the Safety Misalignment. We combine the misalignment you need with the Safety Washer you also need, eliminating a join point which is a potential stress riser and an obvious shear point.

Another thing we do differently from others is use a 7/8" X 3/4" heim with a safety washer in the lower. The 7/8" X 3/4" heim is fractionally stronger and it dosen't need misalignment in a tie rod position.

We do not provide the 3/4" bolts you will need. You must determine the length you need and it will vary with the thickness of your High Steer arm & Pitman Arm.

We supply more DOM than you need because it is way too easy to make a mistake in your calculations and you can always cut tube, growing it back is the hard part!